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Personal Philosophy

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As an aspiring educator and writer, my goal in life is to help others like myself become more in tune with their innate ability to write and to help people better understand works of arduous fiction.  I also believe that working with others is a joy and would want to pursue a career in any kind of writing, whether it be educational, secretarial, or governmental.  I work to provide for myself and my future, but I also am a proud proponent of enjoying the place that I work at.  I have worked in manual labor, food service, audio/visual, and other various blue collar jobs and have no intention on ever looking down on that part of my life or others who work hard within those fields.  Rather, I would like to value them as an important part of our society and our workforce.  As far as life goes, I am content with living in the now.  I have immediate goals and some long term goals, but the main place for me is the now.  I believe this is a good thing for business sense, because if you put all your focus on the future and forget about the immediate, you will tend to never get to where you intended to go with your idea.  I believe helping others can bring more gratification sometimes than helping yourself.

To just expound upon some things about my personal life, I enjoy sports and music.  Sports, for me, can seem as intricate and finely woven as a fine novel yet the storyline is playing out right before our eyes in a way that is the few other events can.  Music is one of the few things that can bring me joy, sorrow, anger, and happiness all within the course of one song.  I enjoy writing music as much as I do listening to it, for my own pleasure and for others if they so dare to listen.

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