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Audience Statement

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The main purpose for this page would be directed towards people looking for an easy directory for samples of my writing.  As most of these people would be future employers, including my resume and others is a must.  I predict that most of the people I would show this too would probably be people I do not have direct contact with and can only deal with through the internet.  Fortunately, I’m not planning on doing anything extremely technical but would rather showcase my writing skills, hence the weak presentation of this website is not as big of a deal.  If I actually planned on using this website, I would hire someone to perform the design tasks for me.  For my audience, they will most likely be looking for samples of my writing, published and unpublished, so I have presented those with an easy navigation system.  Each thing that I have included includes a brief personal reflection on the work provided and what it means to the employer and to me.  I’ve also added, through the personal statement, more about myself so the potential employer will be allowed to know what kind of person I am and my ideas on writing and what I intend to do with it.  I do think that despite the fact that this site is not very useful for me particularly to show someone, it is a good place to have all my resume material on the internet where I can get it from anywhere.  If I were to make this a private website, I could use it as storage for all of my career material.

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